Wisdom at Work (for Corporate and Non-Profits)

Today, with the speed of change, the demand for results, the increase of
digital and competitive pressures, making good decisions is enormously
difficult yet extremely critical. Making the wrong decision is expensive in time,
money and the relationships with your stakeholders.

Decisions need a balance between the required action, the human and capital
resources required, in consideration of the immediate and long-term
consequences. Decisions lead to actions, and actions produce outcomes. Bad
decisions have damaging costs.

Autocratic decisions lead to resistance. Democratic decisions lead to dilution
and impotence. Subgroup-dominated decisions lead to confrontation. You
need more than consensus. You need unanimity. You need full agreement.
You need unity.

Wisdom creates a context and a condition in the C-Suite or Board that
dramatically reduces righteousness, diminishes reactions to avoid domination,
and markedly lessens separateness and divisiveness. Inside that context,
inside that conditions, the good decisions are made.
Bring wisdom to your company so that you can make the right decisions.

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